The Evening – Celebration

After an hour or so of professional photographs we thanked the wonderful Tracey Davis Photographics and made our way into the most expensive party we will ever throw!

(We loved Tracey – she listened to what we wanted, made us feel comfortable and managed to squeeze all the photos we needed into a short amount of time).

The rest of the evening dissolved into a celebration of good friends, good wine and great food.  I am still a little disappointed that they took away my cake before I had a chance to eat it!

IMG_3120 IMG_3193

We had heartfelt speeches from two of our oldest friends, wonderful music by The Sweet Soul Trio and lots of dancing.

At some point during the evening I decided to change into a dress that was not as heavy and much easier to run around in.

I am happy to say I had a great night. I didn’t worry about anything, just relaxed, danced, ate and danced some more.  I know there were probably many people I didn’t get the chance to chat to, but in the end, we had fun and that is all that matters.


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The Day – Ceremony

We arrived right on time to see Mrs N, Mrs J and Mr K running from the carpark to get to the ceremony seconds before we parked the car.
The facial expressions were priceless.

We parked out the back of the winery to regroup. Mrs L ran off to set up for more photos.

The flower princess and flower fairy made their way over to the car for the 100m drive to the event.

My lovely Brother in law Mr M was playing guitar but I couldn’t hear a thing, parts of my brain not concerned with walking had pretty much shut down.

The girls walked down to the front.

My father and I walked down the aisle as I was hoping I wouldn’t trip, rip my dress, or drop the train in the mud.

Happy to say there was no tripping and only minimal mud.

The ceremony itself went past in a blur. I hope to see the video soon!




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Girls Days

In the last couple of days before the wedding I was lucky to have time off work to prepare.
I was also extremely lucky that my best girls from Victoria were able to come over early for some quality time!

My boy was away for work the week before the wedding and my girls arrived on the Thursday morning.


Mrs J and Mrs L set out from home nice and early to arrive at Adelaide Airport by about 11am. I had grand plans to create a big sign (I’ve always wanted there to be a sign at the airport for me) but wedding brain found it all a little too difficult – sorry ladies).

From the airport we headed straight to the city for food and shopping.

I played tour guide around Rundle Mall, the Myer Centre and various other places in town.


For lunch we headed to Thea Vegetarian on Gawler Place. We tried a bit of everything and even the carnivores thought it was nice.

The highlight of the day (apart from seeing my girls of course!) was heading to the Haighs Factory Tour on Greenhill Rd. The tour itself is quite short, but the tastings, factory outlet and discount voucher were brilliant. I still have some chocolate left a month later!


Our stomachs full and budgets blown we headed out for more shopping.
We headed to Burnside Village to watch the posh people shop.

By this time our other Victorian friends had landed and we arranged to meet them at home. They arrived to find us on the terrace sharing some bubbles.

We caught up, had a tour of the new house and regrouped for the next expedition.

This time we headed to my ‘local’ stomping ground of Tea Tree Plaza.

Mr K watched a movie while the ladies indulged in a little shopping, a little eating and a lot of laughter.

We headed home the long way (to avoid further car sickness in the windy hills roads) and had a relatively early night.


Wedding Eve.

Early morning start to pick up the cake(s).
Mrs L, Mrs J and I headed to the Balfours factory in Dudley Park.
The lovely security guard on the gate gave me his sincere congratulations along with an amazing story of why they no longer allow customers through the gates.
The boxes of cakes were brought out to our car and we headed towards the Barossa.

We started on our journey with only a slight detour for McDonalds in Mawson Lakes.
A frantic phone call from bridesmaid M delivered the news that the flowers ordered for the reception tables had not arrived!
I am still thankful for the magic Mrs M wove to find some emergency flowers at the 11th hour and decorate the room so beautifully. But more of that to follow.

We arrived at the venue and unpacked the boxes of pretty to decorate the room.
Mrs M arrived shortly after with the emergency flowers and we set to decoration.
I set out the placecards/bonbonnieres, the girls helped with the candles, photos and vases while Mrs M attended to florist duties and supervision.


There was much creativity and a couple of side trips to the cellar door for tastings and purchases. We finished with plenty of time and headed to the restaurant for a late lunch of wine and pizza.

68990_10200949169913825_1816411979_n 563634_10200949171033853_950650277_n

Next stop we dropped Mrs J off at the gorgeous accommodation and headed back in Hope Valley to meet Bridesmaid L for manicures.

Manicures complete Mrs L and I headed back home for ‘wedding eve’.

The Groom popped by to shower, change and head off for his night at Best Man P’s place while Mrs L and I settled in for a Lobethal Girl’s night.

We decided to head to the Bierhaus for dinner.
Buffalo Wings, cider and various other treats were well received.
After dinner we headed home for chocolate, chick flicks and a good night’s sleep in preparation for the big day.

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Hen and Henna

Slightly less than a week after the bridal shower, my lovely bridesmaids threw me another party.

The ‘Heavenly Henna Hen’s Night’ was hosted by Mrs M’s wonderfully talented sister in law Miss M.

Miss M’s party house was transformed into a smorgasbord of deliciousness.
The famous chicken sandwiches were delightful, the pizzas were gourmet and amazing, the cupcakes were both stunning and tasty.
The lolly buffet and apple slice were wonderful and the cheese platter wonderful.

After stuffing ourselves with the amazing spread the entertainment began.
The creative Mrs M had arranged for Fizz Bubble Face Painting to attend and provide Henna tattoos for all attendees.
The bride also had her face painted. Because I could really.



Once we were all sufficiently painted, the conversation turned nostalgic and Music Max was playing 80s music. Perfect.

A very enjoyable night all round.
Nothing too rowdy and a very great night.

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Done and Dusted

It has been quite a while since my last post.

My standard excuse (I’ve been busy) is fairly accurate.
I’ve also been unable to get my thoughts together enough to post anything.

Updates since the last post (in a nutshell).

  • Hen’s Night – good food, great people and henna!
  • Last minute bridesmaid dress dramas (solved of course)
  • Girls – my girls from Victoria arrived to hold my hand
  • Setting up the room and all the last minute preparations
  • The craziness of the Big Day
  • The Honeymoon of 4 parts
  • Back to Reality

I will try to post about each of these in turn, some may be longer than others…

Here is a sneak peek ….

IMG_2717 IMG_0421 IMG_0125 IMG_0382

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The Day – Preparation

Time to remember the day that was.

Up early in the morning for a relaxing early run with Mrs L.
We made a quick stop at the Lobethal Bakery for some sourdough and treats.

Home for a shower, threw on some temporary clothes for hair and makeup.
Then we headed over to Mum and Dad’s place for beautifying.

We made a quick stop at Coles for bottled water (our Victorian friends did not approve of Adelaide water).

We were a little late and the wonderful hair stylist was ready and waiting for the first victim.

One bridesmaid was all set with another close behind.

We cracked some bubbles and started on the snacks.

Being the Bride, I had to be beautified at the end of the assembly line.
Unfortunately this left me at a loose end with lots of nervous energy.

I spent a couple of hours pacing around the house, breaking in my wedding shoes. (Yes, this should have been done weeks before, but I didn’t decide which pair to wear until the day.)

There were many photos snapped by the lovely Mrs L throughout the day.

Somehow it was suddenly 2.30pm and time for Mum to head off to the wedding with my brother.

Not long after the car arrived to pick up Dad, the bride and my girls.
We had a nice relaxing 1 hour drive through the country to the winery.



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A shower of loveliness

This afternoon was a vision of civility and loveliness.

My wonderful bridesmaids Mrs L and Mrs M threw me the most gorgeous afternoon tea bridal shower this side of Pinterest.


There were cupcakes with butterflies and edible glitter, finger sandwiches, dainty sausage pinwheels, mini quiches, jelly slice, caramel slice and not to forget the lolly buffet.


It was a lovely afternoon with lots to eat and drink and wonderful friends and family.

Funny how popular the moscato was, but we didn’t have that many takers for the green tea!


I hope I managed to thank everyone in person (and in other forums), but just in case…

Thank you to everyone for:

    Giving presents
    Sharing recipes
    Spending time
    Generally being lovely

I have to share this photo of my oldest friend and I eating cheese and bacon balls away from the pretty foods…(thanks for the photos Ms N)


As a few ladies reassured me, we are now on the downhill run to the big day…

Hen’s night next weekend. Less dainty, more food and relaxation.
Have to be happy with that as well!

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