Bridesmaids’ duties

I have two bridesmaids.

Currently I live in Victoria and my bridesmaids live in Adelaide.

So far their major duties have been checking out places I can’t get to, listening to my crazy ideas and generally being supportive.  They have been great at that.

We did wonder what the ‘official’ duties are supposed to be..

There are a lot of ideas out there

But let us not forget to keep the bridesmaids happy too

I told my maids that I wasn’t worried too much about their dresses, that I want them to have a dress they like and will wear again.  They definitely don’t have to match (love mismatched bridesmaids dresses).

The more time I spend online checking out dress options the more I think we should go for basic black – so many more options!!!  I stand by my red, brown and gold choices, for now.

Portrait of a wedding party, 1930-1940. The br...

Portrait of a wedding party, 1930-1940. The bride is seated and holds a bouquet. She is wearing a full length wedding grown with a long trailing veil. The bridesmaids are wearing long dresses, carrying bouquets of flowers and wearing hats. The groom, best man and groomsmen are all dressed in suits and bow ties and wear a floral buttonhole. A flower girl is also part of the wedding party. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


About jamayel

I am a 30-something woman living in the Adelaide Hills writing about my life. Not all that interesting probably. But there is a little travel, a little shopping and a lot of food.
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