Doubt creeps in


I am not a patient person.

One of the problems i have with planning a wedding is not the lack of time to get everything done, but the amount of time spent waiting between planning, organising and doing, or ‘I-do’ing.

see what I did there…

For those of you following my planning you will know that we have a date, a venue, a car, a photographer, a baker and a bridal party.

Now I need to choose a dress before I start planning any more details.
Sometimes I really dislike being so far away from the shopping precincts.

Once I have a dress I can plan bridesmaids’ dresses, groom’s and groomsman’s outfits, table decorations, accessories, etc etc.

I have to stop myself from spending hours pinning centrepieces and table numbers.
Second guessing the decisions that have already been made.
Is that far from town a good idea? Should we have gone for a more sensible car? What about red shoes, or a red dress, or a fire engine? Not sure where the fire engine came from.

Even when I have made the final decisions how soon is too soon to fill the house with craft projects that will just have to be transported interstate anyway?

Then, when everything is planned and decided, we will still have to wait for the big event.

Patience…..yes, must work on that.



About jamayel

I am a 30-something woman living in the Adelaide Hills writing about my life. Not all that interesting probably. But there is a little travel, a little shopping and a lot of food.
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2 Responses to Doubt creeps in

  1. thecupcakebride says:

    Haha I’ve got the same problem: I have a lot of ideas, but…
    Problem 1: choosing
    Problem 2: the time between the decisiOn and the “I do”-ing :))

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