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Long time no post

Yes, it has been a while since my last post.   After the major wedding offensive in Radelaide a couple of weeks ago it was time for a break.   The following have been contacted, met, purchased, chosen, deposited, booked … Continue reading

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The dress

How many dresses do you have now? Well, I am glad you asked. Let’s start with Dress #1. There is one dress currently hanging in my wardrobe. It is the ‘going away’ dress I mentioned earlier. Dress #2. The old … Continue reading

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Engagement #3 – Fox and Firkin

Amazed that engagement party #3 is done and dusted. I guess that means it is all wedding planning from now on. I can’t say enough good things about the Fox and Firkin. There were a couple of hiccups due to … Continue reading

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Bridal Magazines

I managed to survive several months of being engaged without purchasing a bridal magazine. Admittedly I did spend a rather large amount of time online looking at wedding sites and pinterest to make up for it. (Not sure how I … Continue reading

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The Venue

I have tried to be a little vague about details on this blog. Partly this was when the details weren’t confirmed but mostly because I have wanted to enjoy the planning with my boy and a few trusted confidantes. Plus … Continue reading

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Possible Honeymoon

Came across a honeymoon option on Facebook tonight. Cardiff. My boy has Welsh heritage, I’ve always wanted to see western Europe. The fact that the Doctor Who Experience will be running in Cardiff at the time is irrelevant and nothing … Continue reading

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They asked me how I knew…

which songs to choose for our wedding. My fiance is a muso.  It is not his full time job, but it is his full time non-job when he is not at his full-time real job. He very talented – although … Continue reading

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