Meltdown, therapy, confessions and apologies

Ok, so I had a bit of a meltdown Friday night/Saturday morning.

The pressure of the wedding started getting to me
I was thinking about all the organisation, planning, effort and EXPENSE that are going to happen over the next 12 months and I started freaking out a little.

Probably didn’t help that I have one week in the office (alone) before holidays, I hadn’t run for a week and I had just had my first sugar hit in 5 days.

Very fortunate that the wonderful Mrs L and I were heading down to Chadstone for some hair and retail therapy. (Sadly our girls dinner with Mrs J and Miss K had to be postponed).

A couple of hours of catching up and venting in the car and I was feeling much more relaxed.

We arrived with a little time before our hair appointments and had no particular shopping missions planned so we wandered.

5 packs of freeze-dried fruit later we headed into Mrs L’s aunt’s salon for the full treatment.
Cut and colour for me (lose those greys) and a cut for Mrs L. Mrs L’s sister-in-law the other Mrs L joined us and we made it a threesome (another cut).

The three of us headed to the food court for a nice leisurely lunch (nachos, sushi and souvlaki).  The other Mrs L left us and went out for a wander.

Mrs L wanted to look at running shoes and I had no particular plans.

Call it the magic of retail, call it a sugar high, call it wedding obsession or whatever you like, but at some point the bridezilla part of me kicked in and I decided we should look at dresses.

Mrs L graciously let me drag her around all the dress shops in Chadstone (well, a lot of them) to look at practical (tight-arse) wedding dress alternatives.

We also managed to look at some shoes, bags and general shiny things along the way. Including, the mothership – Spencer and Rutherford. No, I still didn’t buy anything!

We checked out the Myer stocktake sale, couldn’t find the christmas present I was looking for, forced Mrs L to look at handbags (no purchase), looked at dresses and shoes (no purchase) and headed back out into the mall.

At some point we started checking out all the dress shops – slowly making our way towards Lindt.  My bridezilla brain started narrowing in on any semi-formal looking dress in an appropriate bridal colour (or red).

Not sure how it happened but we found ourselves drawn into a shop with a gorgeous Jessica Rabbit red sequinned dress. Some part of me briefly entertained the idea of walking down the aisle in it, but 38 years of conditioning rebelled against it.

Once in the shop though, we were hooked. I was drawn to a rack at the back of the shop lined with gold, beige and taupe formal dresses. (Pretending not to see the girls half my age trying them on.

We found a few gorgeous dresses (including the Jessica Rabbit in pale gold) and decided to try them on – just for fun.

The Jessica was too big, so the lovely sale girl found the only smaller size (in red).
So gorgeous. But I was focussed so we moved on.

The next dress was amazing – a little more glamourous than I am used to, but tried it on anyway.

Wow – Mrs L, the sales staff, complete strangers – all telling me I had to have it.
I stood looking at myself in the mirror for about 10 minutes.
After a quick conference Mrs L took a photo and I sent it to my Adelaide bridesmaids.

Mrs M asked some pertinent questions:
* Does it match your theme? Me: No, but the theme was always going to be influenced by the chosen dress.
* How does it make you feel? Me: Good, it looks great, everyone likes it.

Girls – do not automatically trust sales assistants when they tell you something looks great. Make sure you have at least one honest friend and total strangers give an opinion.

Then Mrs M gave some wonderful sage advice.
– Put it on layby, come back to Adelaide, do the proper wedding dress shopping we had planned.  If nothing makes you feel as good as this dress does, then you go back and pick it up.  Otherwise we get something else.

So I did.

I also tried on another dress after THE Dress. It was beautiful and would have been perfect for our wedding. Unfortunately after THE Dress it was a little boring….

Then I spent the next hour walking in a daze. Mrs L can attest to this.

We made it to Lindt cafe, had an amazing hot chocolate, spent the rest of the afternoon checking out shoes (running and bridal) and left the centre as it closed.

Quick stop at Woolworths (groceries) and McDonalds (dinner) – met up with my boy somewhere en route and headed home.

– Oh, and my boy bumped into some city boys who had hit a wombat on the way home.
He helped them move it off the road and found a live baby in it’s pouch.
He brought the baby home, we named her Harry (found out later she was a girl – Harriet) and kept her warm until we could track down wildlife rescue.
She is now happily ensconced in her new incubator.

I woke this morning with a new-found sense of peace – and started looking at a slightly altered wedding theme.

So – apologies to my wonderful Adelaide bridesmaid who I keep shopping without.
Have to say I am glad that I now have 2 wedding outfits – takes a lot of pressure off the Adelaide dress shopping – but still looking forward to the real wedding dress shopping.
Picturing a wedding dress montage like 4 Weddings and a Funeral – or a little like Pretty Woman, or The Sweetest Thing. Hopefully nothing like Bridesmaids.

In the end I only plan on getting married once. But 38 years of indecision can make it difficult to pick just one dress. I already have 2 – who says I can’t have 3?
One for the ceremony, one for the reception, one for a going away outfit.

If it works….

P.S. No, I am not going to describe the dress. You will just have to wait.

The Jessica Rabbit – in gold


About jamayel

I am a 30-something woman living in the Adelaide Hills writing about my life. Not all that interesting probably. But there is a little travel, a little shopping and a lot of food.
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