Pretty Things

Pretty much since the proposal (or maybe a little before) I have been obsessed with wedding decor on Pinterest.

After we chose a date, and a venue, and a theme I thought I had a reasonable grasp on things.  The theme all worked, I had a few ideas of decorations and flowers.

The plan was to wait until I had a dress to make the final decisions.

Now I have 2 dresses with an option on a third. Right back to the drawing board for pretty things.  Strike that, it isn’t a drawing board, it is a lazy Susan. Let me explain.

I started with one idea.  Started looking on Pinterest, came up with some different ideas.
Looked some more, went back to the original idea. Looked some more…you can see where this is headed.

Part of the problem is my lofty crafting ambitions. I am not the world’s most talented artist, or fashion designer, or interior decorator.
I like making pretty things, or perhaps I just like playing with craft supplies.
The trick is to make something that passes my  high standards but sticks to my tight budget.

Can you say champagne on a beer budget?

Luckily my bridesmaids are the epitome of taste and style.
One of them makes beautiful things, the other makes everything look beautiful.
My talent is hunting for bargains and finding inspiration online.

I am currently mulling over two slightly different themes for the decor.
The ‘rustic’ will still be there, but whether it becomes romantic rustic (neutrals with a hint of gold) or glamourous rustic (rich autumn colours) is yet to be decided.

I think either one can use a lot of the same ideas, one just has more colour.

Still loving the idea of paper or fabric flowers, but starting to think real flowers might just be easier…at least for the bouquets.

Lots and lots of candles. Ikea hacks and simple glassware decorated to look amazing.

Perhaps part of the problem is seeing too many things I like.
How do I fit damask and recycled book flowers and music notes and autumn colours and neutrals and antique gold and mirrors and snowflakes and dragonflies and hollywood glamour into one venue?

Maybe it is time to put all the ideas into a hat and pick them out at random!

No birdcages.

English: Candlelight Dinners


About jamayel

I am a 30-something woman living in the Adelaide Hills writing about my life. Not all that interesting probably. But there is a little travel, a little shopping and a lot of food.
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