They asked me how I knew…

which songs to choose for our wedding.

My fiance is a muso.  It is not his full time job, but it is his full time non-job when he is not at his full-time real job.

He very talented – although he will not admit it.  He plays guitar, keyboard, trumpet, harmonica and pretty much anything else he picks up.  Admittedly some he plays better than others, but that is just down to practice.

So he is nominally in charge of the music for the wedding.

But control freak here (me) wants to choose ( in consultation) the important songs.

  • The processional.
  • The recessional.
  • The first dance.
  • The father daughter dance – not even sure if we do these in Australia – so maybe the family dance after the first dance.
  • The last dance.

Not to mention the cake cutting, the signing, the time in between the recessional and the reception….

There are so many ideas out there – must stop obsessing on the internet.
Probably doesn’t help that I have been collecting song lyrics since I was a teenager.
It is all about the words for me – my boy is all about the music. I am sure we will find something that speaks to both of us.

My advice – don’t just look at the first returned site on google – there are some scary choices out there.  But there will also be a number of like-minded, or off beat, or modern, or 80s fixated people out in the interwebs. If you want inspiration, keep looking for it.

Oh, and what is with people who choose a song that is about breaking up? Or birth?
Or a dog? Seriously!

Here are a random selection of better choices:

Some of my current favourites (mostly from movies) – pretend you are surprised if you hear one of them!

Actually – the more I think about the songs I would like to hear, the older and more of a bogan I feel.  This is a definitely ‘It’s my wedding and I’ll play what I want’ moment.
Oh, and I might even let the groom have some input on this one!


Cover of "Love Me Tender"


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I am a 30-something woman living in the Adelaide Hills writing about my life. Not all that interesting probably. But there is a little travel, a little shopping and a lot of food.
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