The Venue

I have tried to be a little vague about details on this blog.

Partly this was when the details weren’t confirmed but mostly because I have wanted to enjoy the planning with my boy and a few trusted confidantes.

Plus planning everything from a distance I really wanted us to be the first (or a close second) to actually see the details.

Apart from that – if I give away all the details before the big day, where are the surprises?
Where is the drama?

That said – now I am going to talk about the venue.
You may remember some of the venue deliberations:

Well, after finalising the short list, my wonderful bridesmaid was set into action for a recon mission.  The first choice was approved, calls were made, papers were signed and deposits were lodged.  This was in May.

A week ago we actually saw the venue for the first time.
Happy to say that any doubts were quickly silenced.

The venue we selected is a beautiful winery in the Barossa Valley in South Australia.
The outdoor areas for the ceremony are just stunning – and will be more so in the middle of Autumn.  Photo opportunities abound (in fact the venue is featured in just about every South Australian bridal magazine I put my hands on).

The inside space is rustic and characterful and just perfect for us.
The wedding coordinator couldn’t be more helpful.
There is a wet weather option included, a room where the kids can watch movies when they are bored, room for a dance floor, lots of set up options and the food looks fantastic.

Lots of little decisions to make now, but I chose my Bridesmaids very well!

Someone else’s wedding….


About jamayel

I am a 30-something woman living in the Adelaide Hills writing about my life. Not all that interesting probably. But there is a little travel, a little shopping and a lot of food.
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3 Responses to The Venue

  1. Peta Hudson says:

    Gorgeous pick hun! I was in wedding there last autumn and was amazing – food, wine, service, scenery. You won’t be disappointed – your day will be stunning!! Xx

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