The dress

How many dresses do you have now?

Well, I am glad you asked.

Let’s start with Dress #1.
There is one dress currently hanging in my wardrobe.
It is the ‘going away’ dress I mentioned earlier.

Dress #2.
The old hollywood glamour dress – on layby.
Might try to cancel this one as I no longer need it.
Why? Because of…

Dress #3.
The dress! Being lovingly stored in Adelaide.
Vintage, classy, perfect – the dress.
Bought on sale, off the rack – in need of some alterations and a clean.
The dress.

A bride in an elaborate wedding dress from 1929.

A bride in an elaborate wedding dress from 1929. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dressmaker appointment made, dry cleaner to be confirmed.

So, how did all this happen?
One beautiful winter day about a week ago I went shopping with my bridesmaids and my mother.  My wonderful bridesmaid made appointments at 3 stores:
* Bridal on Pulteney
* Jenny and Gerry’s
* Lady Liz

We found the dress at Bridal on Pulteney. First store, last dress I tried on.
Of course finding the dress meant changing the bridesmaid dress colours and tweaking the current table ideas.

We had lunch at Fasta Pasta and headed out for more dress shopping – the bridesmaids!

Found a lovely dress at The Glamour Room (Jenny and Gerry) but it was blown away by Lady Liz.  Beautiful, flattering, classic, art deco inspired with a little bling.
Ordered in the new chosen colour and that is another tick on the checklist!
(Now it is shoes, and accessories, and suits!)



About jamayel

I am a 30-something woman living in the Adelaide Hills writing about my life. Not all that interesting probably. But there is a little travel, a little shopping and a lot of food.
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