4 weeks to go

It has been a busy few weeks.

We have, in no particular order:

    Purchased suits and shirts
    Ordered ties (thank you Peter Shearer)
    Had dress fittings (thank you Lady Liz Bridal)
    Bought bonbonnieres (learnt to spell bonbonnieres)
    Chose jewellery for the bridesmaids (Lovisa)
    Ordered wedding cake
    Designed programmes

Still to do:

    Confirm final numbers
    Bridal shower (tomorrow)
    Hens and Bucks nights (next weekend)
    Final confirmations with suppliers
    Arrange Honeymoon

Oh, and I picked up a final engagement present…


Thank you tithe wonderful Mr and Mrs L, Mr and Mrs J and Mr P…

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How the time flies.

The invitations, complete with their cold chisel stamps and detailed information have been sent and the time for RSVPing is fast upon us.

Thank to those who have, and a stern look at those who have yet to reply.

Each afternoon when I escape the office and survive the ‘scenic route’ home I rush to the letter box (a slow rush – it is a very steep hill) to see who has replied today!

And a short but heart felt note of apology…
To anyone who maybe should have received an invite but didn’t…
To family, friends and colleagues who did not quite make the list…
We didn’t forget you, but we are having a very small wedding and had to be ruthless.
We do hope you will raise a glass to our union and enjoy the pictures that will no doubt appear on Facebook hours after the event.


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Where did the time go?

There have been a couple of late nights this week.
My wonderful bridesmaids have put together the wedding, bridal shower and hen’s night invitations.

I have to give a huge shout out to the amazing, patient and talented Mrs M who is the most creative person I know. Her handiwork will be on show throughout the wedding.

Another big shout out to the gorgeous and talented Mrs L who has the most amazing hand writing in the world and who is much more wonderful than she will admit to.

Thank you to both of my ladies for putting up with my level of disorganisation to ensure the invites were finished last night!


Deep breath before the seating plans, menus, final dresses, suits, parties and all the other final preparations begin…


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Who’s a pretty girl then?

Several updates on the wedding effort.


Over the holiday break we headed back to Adelaide and I managed to fit in the following:


  1. Dressmaker appointment – first fitting, alterations to be completed by February.
  2. Makeup trial – success! I looked like me with more makeup! All booked for the day.
  3. Hair trial – success! Pretty hair style ready to go. All booked.
  4. Checked out the wonderful and talented Mrs M’s invitations – amazing!


Everything in on track and will stay on the back burner for the next couple of weeks while we pack up and move back to Radelaide!



deer in headlights

Not my hair and makeup! (Photo credit: whatnot)



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Let’s call it an opportunity

So, today I received an email from the lady I had booked to do my hair and makeup.
Apparently she her husband will now be running another business 7 days a week.


So no more wedding hair and makeup.




zombified (Photo credit: brains the head)







Back to the yellow pages….


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Bridezilla vs The Laid back Bride

Am I actually doing anyone any favours by trying to be relaxed about wedding details?

I’ve (we’ve) made the big decisions, there are some medium sized decisions still to be made.

Somehow I can’t bring myself to be too worried about certain things.
Or maybe I will be worried when they happen and I didn’t think of them…

We all know I am a control freak, so is letting go of some items good or bad?

Should I just work out every detail and tell people exactly what I want ( Bridezilla territory), or continue to say ‘whatever you want to do is fine’.

I try hard to think what is the easiest option for other people.
This is my (and my boy’s) wedding. No one else should have to shell out lots of money or spend lots of time worrying about it. – sorry Mrs M, Mrs’ L, Mrs N and Mrs J you are exceptions who have to hear about everything!

Example – bridesmaids dresses. I can use this example because that particular item is now on order.

I had no particular perfect bridesmaid dress fantasy.
What I wanted was something not too expensive, something that suited both maids, that they both liked and complemented The Dress.
I didn’t mind if they matched as long as they looked nice together.

In the end they chose a beautiful dress (both the same) that I think ticked all the boxes.

But was it more painful for them to have to make the call with me standing in the background saying ‘whatever you like, really?’

Princess Beatrice of the United Kingdom in her...

Princess Beatrice of the United Kingdom in her wedding dress, 1885 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Pretty Paper Things

Recently we have had a bit of a break from wedding planning.

Most of the urgent items are sorted and it is too soon for many others.

Over the last couple of days I have been thinking about the things that are left to do.

Pretty paper things. I love pretty paper things.
I’ve often thought I would be in heaven if I ran a stationery or second hand book store.
(Maybe a craft store with lots of scrapbooking…hmm)

So, in the last few days it has been all invitations, RSVPs, place cards, programmes, table names, and anything else I can come up with.

This will give me an excuse for trawling through the scrapbook aisles with Mrs M in Radelaide and the Mrs’ N, L and J in Smelbourne.

The invitations are scary.  So many beautiful ideas out there.  I know what I like but I don’t always know what that is until I see it!

Need them to be:

  • Elegant (not fussy)
  • Timeless (not trendy)
  • Simple to understand
  • Not too expensive
  • Personal
  • A little different

Yes, good luck with that!

English: Invitation for Maria Luisa Palagini t...

English: Invitation for Maria Luisa Palagini to the wedding of Lady Giovanna Borghese and the Baron Serena di Lapigio (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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